Why I should write about my day?

This post is for my own motivation and kind of reason of that that I often find that I should write.

Image result for DAily writing

This is kind of motivation for my writing, and the reminder to that why should I write.

Daily I learn lot of stuff about almost everything from the various field lie of Physics, Artificial Intelligence(Real and applied both), consciousness, Business, Economics and other stuff, but at the same time I forget them or my vision for reflection just go down and fade away I am thinking that if I will reflect on every area daily, I might get the connection of that different field and I can enjoy deeper sense of happiness and my unconscious will immerse in the ocean of satisfaction, this would be kind of fulfillment too of the think I have read in one month or year, and things I have learned in the same, the changes I noticed, and by all these I can know myself with highly variable and more preciseness and can act and mould myself to the desired state of flow.


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