Subjectivity and Objectivity

I thought to write about subjectivity and objectivity, by the way, I use to write these thoughts in my notebook, but I hope that few people who will comment on my thoughts, which will make it better and precise, plus our fundamental instinct that when someone is watching we will do better(BTW I am well aware of Facebook newsfeed algorithms, on the type of post frequency, since I don’t post that much, there is quite little hope that anyone would get my this post in their newsfeed).

A few months ago, I watched a talk by John Searle(I expect that people who are in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy of mind oriented will know this name), in which He describes subjectivity and objectivity.
Subjectivity is of two types Epistemic and ontological.
Epistemic subjectivity is concerned with subjective filtration/reflection over a fact or knowledge like If I would say Philosophy is much more meaningful than physics, these are my own view, You may or may not agree.
Ontological subjectivity deals with subjective existence like Feelings and emotions of pain, sleepiness.

Same is for Objectivity
Epistemic objectivity be like For digital computation you would need two distinct states which can be interchanged,
and Ontological objectivity is like Atoms, laptops, Houses.

But there are few stuffs that can be both subjective and Objective and the same time like Money, Presidents, Parliaments, Countries or other same class stuffs which is made for Public(Not precisely in the same of ownership) which can be a generalized ontological objective when it is viewed from the perspective of single subject, like I have Indian Rupees, and if you mentally normal shopkeeper You would agree with preferences exchanging with me, but when it is viewed outside of the box then it is subjective, My dog don’t have any idea what money(until he don’t repeatedly see that whenever I give shopkeeper the same Rupee note and shopkeeper hand me same coffee packet, but that is limited and constrained, and I am ignoring these things because my dogs can’t understand what to do when I have no money or he have no money(that doesn’t make surface sense).

I expect whoever the reader is the point till now is clear, now I am going to express my own views which might be wrong objectively.
If you would try to think, you might encounter something like Topology lock or knots.
For that time, I am telling you for your convenience, that specific curve I want to convince.

Observer independence don’t always mean only ontological objectivity in a literal sense, like feeling pain is subjective but it must be some process happening in the brain, and that process must be objective(If you thinking that some subjective Quantum state reduction be causal core of feeling, then it doesn’t make sense because anytime I feel a feeling someone isn’t looking into my brain), since pain and feeling are ontological subjective, I am claiming that ontological subjective = Ontological objective(F= In full sense)

But right now I am facing problem in defining epistemic subjectivity further, because right now I believe the concept is tied with subjective self naturally, but at the same time, it seems that there must some relations with physical system(saying this to this doesn’t make sense right now, but this is happening unconsciously)

These all kinds of stuff is pretty straightforward and simple, but sometimes I like to think of these things, so it just for pleasure.


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